Thursday, December 17, 2015

Erika Gaffney returns to academic publishing

Erika Gaffney, who was a commissioning editor at Ashgate's US office in Burlington for over 20 years, will now be Senior Acquisitions Editor in Early Modern Studies for the three-press consortium of Medieval Institute Publications (MIP), Arc Medieval Press, and Amsterdam University Press (AUP).
Congratulations to Erika Gaffney and to MIP, Arc Medieval Press, and AUP!

According to the press release, Gaffney already has a new email address and is accepting proposals for
books and new series. This consortium maintains standards of peer review, markets globally, promises timely production, and is committed to fair pricing and open access. Their submission guidelines also allow for ilustrated books, promising "almost limitless black and white images,... [and] color images, when the scholarly argument requires color, but not for esthetic reasons."

 In every respect, this is the best possible news. A wonderful editor has returned to academic publishing and early modernists have another alternative to consider when seeking potential publishers.

Many comments on the petition express appreciation for Gaffney's contributions while at Ashgate. I hope readers who work in late medieval and early modern studies will consider sending your projects for consideration so that she can begin building a new list.

I hope this will be the first of a series of joyful announcements as Ashgate's staff find new positions.

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