Sunday, November 29, 2015

Save Ashgate Publishing - the blog

The petition to Save Ashgate Publishing 
has attracted over 6000 signatures in a single week. Unfortunately, Ashgate's North American office in Burlington, Vermont, closed on November 25th.

This blog has been created to host letters of support for Ashgate and share news coverage of the press.

You may also follow Save Ashgate on Facebook.

On November 23rd, 2015, Inside Higher Ed published Concerns Over Ashgate Publishing's Future
 and asked Is Ashgate Publishing about to close?

On November 24th, Kathleen E. Kennedy argued for the importance of Asghate as a test case for  academic labor and publishing

On November 25th, the Burlington office closed and the US staff posed for this photo:

Those interested in writing a letter to protest the closure of Ashgate's North American office and/or to voice concern for the future of the press may find more information here

Public letters will be posted to this blog as they come in.

Thanks for supporting the wonderful editorial staff at Ashgate! Please be patient as I learn how to operate a blog-Rabia

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